• In cases where multiple attachments share the same file on the web server, Smart Deleting one or more of those attachments will no longer delete that shared file unless ALL attachments that use that file are Smart Deleted.


  • Fix a bug that could cause PHP errors during post deletion in very specific edge cases
  • Start checking the brand-new mediadeduper.com website for plugin updates, instead of cornershopcreative.com


  • Media Deduper Pro now fully supports the media trash feature (a.k.a. the MEDIA_TRASH constant; see this post for more information). As of Media Deduper Pro 1.0.3, if the media trash feature is enabled:
    • The Manage Duplicates screen will list (and allow the user to delete or Smart Delete) both trashed and non-trashed attachment posts. Previously, only non-trashed attachments were listed on this screen, which caused confusing behavior if, for instance, a site's media library contained two copies of an image, but one was in the Trash.
    • If a user attempts to upload a media file that already exists in the media library, but the existing copy of the file is in the Trash, the user will *no longer* be prevented from uploading the new copy.
  • Bugfix: The "Attach" or "Detach" links in the list table on the Manage Duplicates screen are now working again, after they stopped working in a previous version of the plugin.
  • Bugfix: There was a goofy typo in the instructions for the beta opt-in feature, which has been fixed.


  • Add a button to the Index tab that allows users to stop the indexer if it's running
  • Add a setting to the License Key tab that allows users to opt in to receive beta updates
  • Fix a bug that could cause the indexer to display progress incorrectly in some edge cases


  • Fix a bug that caused the count of indexed/un-indexed items to be calculated incorrectly on some WP installs
  • Calculate count of indexed/un-indexed items more frequently, to reduce the chance of inaccurate counts being displayed
  • Prevent the index of post content from going out of sync if a user deactivates the plugin for a period of time and then reactivates it
  • Improve behavior/language when there are no items (posts or attachments) to index at all
  • Improve notices displayed to users when the index needs to be regenerated (only display to admins/privileged users, link directly to the Index tab)
  • Remind users to enter license keys, so they don't miss out on updates


Initial public release of Media Deduper Pro. Changes compared to the free version of Media Deduper:

  • Replace references in post properties and certain post meta fields (featured image, Yoast FB/Twitter images, WooCommerce product gallery)
  • Perform indexing in the background, so the user doesn't have to stay on the indexer page while the process completes
  • Implement license key system to allow one-click/automatic plugin updates