Media Deduper is the smartest way to clean up your WordPress media library.

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Clean up duplicate media library files.

Clean up duplicate media library files.

Have you ever wondered why you have three copies of the same darn image file or if there’s a way you can stop your coworkers from creating duplicate images EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. they create a new blog post? Media Deduper will help you out.

Our plugin indexes all of your files, helping you easily report on, merge, and eliminate duplicate files.

Guard against new duplicates.

We know. The second you finally clean things up, your coworker’s just going to add duplicates, so why even bother? NOT ANYMORE. Media Deduper locks that stuff down.

Anyone who tries to import duplicate files will receive an error message from the media library letting them know this file already exists and prevents them from creating a new mess.

Guard against new duplicates.

Save disk space.

Save disk space.

If you think you groan every time you need to search your image library, so does your web host! Media Deduper keeps your files neat and tidy and saves space on your webservers.

Don’t destroy things.

One of the biggest challenges with cleaning up dupes is the fear that any second now you’re going to accidentally delete a file that’s important to your content.

Use Media Deduper Pro to not just find duplicates, but merge them and update them with the correct file across your content.

Don’t destroy things.

You’ve Got Options!


Pro license for agencies and others who manage multiple WordPress sites.


Single License

Download the plugin to keep your Media Library files tidy on a single site.



Free Edition

Free features exclude dedicated support and advanced plugin integration. This version does NOT merge files and just deletes them.